High Performance Powershell with LINQ

High Performance PowerShell with LINQ

Deep dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works

Deep Dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works

Powershell deconstructed


Powershell script for ESXi hardening

PowerShell script for ESXi hardening

Microsoft posts powershell script that spawns pseudo security bulletins


Powershell Conference EU 2017.

Great post about the events and fun taking place at the PowerShell Conference.
Makes you jealous you didnt get to go 😉

PowerShell Conference EU 2017. Not just about coding.

Announcing Powershell for Visual Studio COde 1.0!

Announcing PowerShell for Visual Studio Code 1.0!


Working with VMware vCenter using Powershell and TabExpansionPlusPlus module


Powershell scripts useful for Windows enterprise administration

Installing the SQL Server Module from the Powershell Gallery

Installing The SQL Server Module from the PowerShell Gallery