Jun 07

ConfigMgr – Client health powershell script


Jun 05

How to implement dynamic paramters in your Powershell code

Excelent blog on how to create dynamic parameters in your Powershell code.
well explained!


Jun 02

Save items in shared mailbox Sent Items folder and users Sent Items folder

Save Sent Items in Shared Mailbox Sent Items folder

Jun 01

Dynamic validateset in a dynamic parameter

Dynamic ValidateSet in a Dynamic Parameter

Jun 01

Powershell DSC Resource Kit Release May 2017

DSC Resource Kit Release May 2017

May 31

Empowering GUI Automation in Powershell

Empowering GUI Automation in PowerShell

May 31

AccountSkuID in Office 365

Excellent blog about the AccountSkuID’s in Office 365 and the resulting names for each plan.
Well worth a look if you work with Office 365 and Powershell, good stuff here to save you a lot of work, or if you need to implement it into your own scripts.


PowerShell Licensing SKU's in Office 365

May 27

Powershell Remoting in Multi-Platform Environments Using OpenSSH

PowerShell Remoting in Multi-Platform Environments using OpenSSH

May 27

High Performance Powershell with LINQ

High Performance PowerShell with LINQ

May 27

Deep dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works

Deep Dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works