Aug 13

Powershell download and import updates into MDT

Automatic Download and Import of Updates into MDT

Aug 11

Microsoft Exchange 2013 shows blank ECP / OWA / Powershell after Upgrade.

After upgrading your Exchange 2013 server, you are faced with no Exchange Powershell, no webconsole…
This fix saved the day!


Microsoft Exchange 2013 shows blank ECP & OWA after changes to SSL certificates

Aug 05

Use Powershell to find latest AzureAdConnect version online.

Use a function to find the latest version of Azure AD Connect online

From Microsofts page: Azure AD Connect Version Historiy

Function Get-AzureADConnectVersionOnline {

# Find version number
$TempAzure = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri
$TempAzure.content | Out-File C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT
$AzureFile = Get-Content C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT | Select-String -Pattern “<h2 id=”
$Azure = $AzureFile -replace “\<.*?\>”
$AzureVersion = $azure | Select-Object -first 1
Write-Output “Latest Online Version is: $AzureVersion”

# Find release date
$AzureReleaseFile = Get-Content C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT | Select-String -Pattern “<p>”
$AzureRelease = $AzureReleaseFile -replace “\<.*?\>”
$AzureReleaseDate = $AzureRelease[3]
Write-output “Azure Relase date $AzureReleaseDate”


This will give you the following output:

Latest Online Version is: 1.1.561.0
Azure Relase date Status: July 23 2017

Aug 05

Powershell: Basic programs

Learning PowerShell: basic programs

Jul 14

Automating WSUS with Powershell

Automating WSUS with PowerShell

Jul 13

Hamburgermenu Powershell

Jul 11

sp_Blitz® – Free SQL Server Health Check Script

sp_Blitz® – SQL Server Takeover Script

Jul 11

Upload files to Azure Web App via FTP

Jun 23

Write-Host considered harmfull ;o

Old but very interesting thread about Console output in your Powershell scripts.

Write-Host Considered Harmful

Jun 20

Managing updates for your Azure VM