A new command to find all of your SQL instances

a new command to find all of your sql instances

Recent updates to Project Honolulu and PowerShell Core 6.0


Using O365 APIs and Powershell to access Intune messages.

Using O365 APIs and PowerShell to access Intune messages from Message center in Office 365 (Part 1)

Excelent blog on how to build a PowerShell module

Long but excelent blog on how to write  a PowerShell module, well worth your time looking in to this one.
Also contains a lot of references from other posts that may come in handy


Comparing Sets of Cmdlets

Comparing Sets of Cmdlets

How to change Intune Company Portal color with custom RGB code

How to change Intune Company Portal color with custom RGB code

“Simple” UI Based Office 365 License Management Powershell Script

This script might be considered “simple” by some, but sure is advanced for me 😉
Very nice put together.


Assign individual license plans on a user using Azure AD

Assign individual parts of licenses with Azure AD PowerShell V2.0

AddWithValue is Evil

Good read!

How to enable Office 365 Group Writeback for Coexistence Environment