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Sep 24

Project Honolulu – Technical preview now available for download.

Project “Honolulu” technical preview is now available for download!

Aug 31

Automation of Azure analysis services with Powershell

Aug 05

Use Powershell to find latest AzureAdConnect version online.

Use a function to find the latest version of Azure AD Connect online From Microsofts page: Azure AD Connect Version Historiy Function Get-AzureADConnectVersionOnline { # Find version number $TempAzure = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $TempAzure.content | Out-File C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT $AzureFile = Get-Content C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT | Select-String -Pattern “<h2 id=” $Azure = $AzureFile -replace “\<.*?\>” $AzureVersion = $azure | …

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Jun 20

Managing updates for your Azure VM

May 27

Deep dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works

Deep Dive: How Hybrid Authentication Really Works

Apr 22

Create your own Network functions with Powershell


After visiting Thomas Maurer’s blog with basic networking tools for Powershell, I figured, I’d make my own “often used network tools” so, I made some functions for looking up TXT, DNS records, autodiscover and Skype records. This is information I often require regarding Mail, Skype, Office365, when implementing a new customer, domain etc. For example …

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Apr 05

Azure AD Connect Version History

Apr 01

Restrict OneDrive sync to Domain Joined PCs

Restricting OneDrive Sync to Domain Joined PCs

Mar 30

Exchange updates March 2017

Mar 30

Mailstore server 10

Product Review – MailStore Server 10