Sep 12

PowerShell progress bar with time remaining

Sep 07

Tip: Scrolling Internet Explorer with PowerShell

Scrolling Internet Explorer with Powershell

Aug 31

Automation of Azure analysis services with Powershell

Aug 28

Using PowerShell to uninstall applications

Aug 26

How to install Visual Studio Code and configure it as replacement for Powershell ISE

Good youtube clip and intro on how to install Visual Studio Code  and configure it as a replacement for the Powershell ISE editor.


Aug 26

Wired’s post about Microsoft Powershell Security

Aug 13

Powershell download and import updates into MDT

Automatic Download and Import of Updates into MDT

Aug 11

Microsoft Exchange 2013 shows blank ECP / OWA / Powershell after Upgrade.

After upgrading your Exchange 2013 server, you are faced with no Exchange Powershell, no webconsole…
This fix saved the day!


Microsoft Exchange 2013 shows blank ECP & OWA after changes to SSL certificates

Aug 05

Use Powershell to find latest AzureAdConnect version online.

Use a function to find the latest version of Azure AD Connect online

From Microsofts page: Azure AD Connect Version Historiy

Function Get-AzureADConnectVersionOnline {

# Find version number
$TempAzure = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri
$TempAzure.content | Out-File C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT
$AzureFile = Get-Content C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT | Select-String -Pattern “<h2 id=”
$Azure = $AzureFile -replace “\<.*?\>”
$AzureVersion = $azure | Select-Object -first 1
Write-Output “Latest Online Version is: $AzureVersion”

# Find release date
$AzureReleaseFile = Get-Content C:\temp\AzureVersion.TXT | Select-String -Pattern “<p>”
$AzureRelease = $AzureReleaseFile -replace “\<.*?\>”
$AzureReleaseDate = $AzureRelease[3]
Write-output “Azure Relase date $AzureReleaseDate”


This will give you the following output:

Latest Online Version is: 1.1.561.0
Azure Relase date Status: July 23 2017

Aug 05

Powershell: Basic programs

Learning PowerShell: basic programs

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